Vitamin E- the answer to all your piercing troubles

All about the healing magic of Vitamin E.

Ok, so I’m taking a wild guess that you are reading this right now because you have a troublesome piercing, or maybe you just want to learn more for any future problems that quite often arise with your piercing. I mean after all,  you have a foreign object in your body, it is highly likely that even with the best aftercare, you can still encounter problems, particularly in the healing process. 


yep, pretty much everyone’s reaction to problem piercings..


So what made me turn to this little vitamin of wonder you ask? Well about 3 weeks ago I got my daith pierced and the healing was going swimmingly. That was, until around 5 days ago when I started feeling pain in my piercing area. I quickly discovered that I had developed yes, you guessed it, a dreaded cartilage bump. 

I began frantically trying every method the internet was suggesting from tea tree oil (yes, I know, too harsh for a healing piercing but I was desperate) to putting aspirin paste on the bump- all of which just aggravated it more and made the two bumps increase in size (YIKES!).

So on my final attempt of discovering a miracle concoction that would magically zap my bumps away I discovered Vitamin E. I purchased Vitamin E capsules from my local health store Holland & Barrett and I was advised to pop the liquid capsules and apply it to the bumps along with taking 4 of these capulets orally a day. 

Now, I was very sceptical about this as everything else I tried only made it worse so I was just thinking this would do the same. Boy, was I wrong. By the next morning my top bump had practically disappeared by magic and the one at the bottom (which was the worse of the two) reduced dramatically in size and the irritated redness of the bump had disappeared and was now looking a healthy skin colour!


my reaction when I woke up the next morning to see the difference


So now, I’m going to show you the difference as Im sure you want to see for yourself the magic of this very special vitamin. If your a little squeamish then I suggest you stop reading and scroll down further to the end…

Ok, so this was before the vitamin e oil. If your wondering what is on my ear, it is antibiotic cream which for the record, made it so much worse! You can’t fully see the top bump but it was roughly the same size as the bottom one.
Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 16.17.51.png

And this was the morning after I woke up after applying it for the first time. Amazing right.


So, if your not clued up on your vitamins like me, your probably wondering what is Vitamin E and what makes it work so well?

Well quite simply it works as an antioxidant to protect cell membranes from damage. This explains why it has such amazing results for scars etc! Vitamin E also helps with overall health and well being so it should definitely be a must everyday vitamin even after your piercing ailments have healed!

Where’s best to buy it?

There are so many options of where you can buy it. You can order it online from amazon etc. But I strongly recommend buying it from a health store, so you know its of good quality. Be sure to buy it in liquid tablet form as it’s so much cheaper and works the same as the liquid and then you also have the added benefit of being able to take them as tablets as well to get double the benefit.

Heres what I’m using..

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 16.44.12

I pierce the liquid capsules and squeeze out the liquid to apply topically and in addition take for of these four a day. This is by no means the cheapest, however the quality is excellent and you pay for what you get. Worth it!


There you have it, give it a try as you can see it has worked wonders for me. 

I just want to finally add that everyones body is different so do not feel discouraged if this does not work for you. You may find another method which works better. Just be patient and you will know when you find what works for you and you MUST keep up with your sea salt soaks twice daily to keep it clean and prevent infection.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful.

Stay Inspired!


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